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Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

What license applies to my shader code?

All shaders created in Rayground are owned by you. You can decide which license applies to every event shader you create by specifying it in the top of each individual event shader. If no license is present within a shader, it will be protected by Rayground' s default license:

Other useful licensing options include the MIT license or the The 3-Clause BSD License

Your Public Information

Rayground is a public platform. The shader code and content of all "visible" projects (see "eye" icon on your project summary), can be searched and browsed by everybody. Projects kept "invisible" are private to you and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Rayground is also a public community tool. Your profile, including your username and "about" information are visible to anyone who visits Rayground. You can edit your profile information at any time.

Your Private Information

Rayground respects the privacy of its users and will not use data in its databases to compete with its users, market to its user's clients, advertise to, or contact them for any other means of profit.

Rayground collects email addresses as a way to create unique users. When you register to the Rayground website, you are required to provide an email address as well as a unique username and password to guarantee access to the user account. Rayground also reserves the right to use the provided email to send you feedback about the activity related to your content in the website.

All private information, including email address and private shaders and content (see above), is never shared with or sold to any other organizations or services.

Rayground does however reserve the right to react according to the law and authorities and investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of the Terms of Service (section below), or as otherwise required by law.

Rayground has implemented processes to guarantee the security of your data to the best of the capabilities of generally available technologies. Each user is assigned a unique username and password, which is required to access their account. It is your responsibility to protect the security of your login information.

You have the right to access all of your private information. Send us an email (see contact information, at the footer) for a readable version of your data. You can also download all your data and close your account at any time, from your profile page.

Cookies and Analytics

Cookies are required to use Rayground. They are used to help the system identify users and maintain their session open, while they work in the website. Without cookies, Rayground won't operate properly.

Rayground does not use cookies to track any of its users' actions in the site, or store any of the content they type or search for.

Rayground collects global, non user-specific information regarding overall website traffic volume, frequency of visits, type of browser and operating system. Rayground employs both Google Analytics and a Rayground proprietary analytics system for this purpose.

Terminating your Account

In case you decide to delete your Rayground account, all public and private content you created will be deleted. However, be aware that for some time Rayground will retain residual information in backups and/or archival copies of the database.

Changes to This Policy

Rayground's Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Rayground will not reduce its user's rights under this policy without explicit consent. Rayground will post any privacy policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, Rayground will provide a more prominent notice.

Rayground is presently hosted and run by the Athens University of Economics and Business, a public, non-profit body. If the legal status of Rayground is changed in the future, Rayground will notify the users before any personal information is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Terms of Service

You must be at least 13 years old in order to use Rayground. If Rayground becomes aware that you aren't, and therefore have unknowingly collected some personal information about you, we will delete your account without further notice.

Rayground is not responsible for the content you create. You are responsible for that content. Rayground reserves the right to suspend any user account without further notice and, in the same way, Rayground reserves the right to block any shaders or assets without further notice. We encourage freedom of speech, creativity and diversity of opinions and believes, but we will not tolerate content that threatens people or communities or is deemed inappropriate or insulting in any way.

Rayground or its contributors are not responsible for content shared on the website that can potentially damage hardware and/or software. The user agrees that WebGL and WebAssembly are delicate technologies and assumes all relevant risks when browsing, playing or editing the shaders. However, Rayground is fully committed to providing the best browsing experience possible. Our team constantly tests and reports any potential issues to shader code creators.

Although Rayground owns the data storage, databases and the Rayground site, the users retain all rights to their creations and can decide a specific license for it (see section "What license applies to my shaders code?" above).

Future compatibility of Rayground projects

The current version of Rayground is based on the WebGL2 specification and shader modules are compiled as GLSL code. However, we advice users to NOT assume anything about the programming language used, other than the publicly documented features and utilities. Technology on the Web changes regularly in order to adapt to new demand and challenges.

Future versions of Rayground may not rely on WebGL and/or GLSL. The Rayground team will make its best effort to preserve shader compatibility across versions of Rayground and we kindly encourage users to use the documented public API and the provided best practises.